Work experience:

    • (2013-now)
      Professional studio and outdoor photographer in various projects | Poland, Portugal.

    • (2019)
      Specialist in marketing | Krakowska Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa College (Krakow, Poland).

    • (2018)
      Copywriter | Eskadra Advertising Agency (Krakow, Poland).

    • (2016-2018)
      University lecturer | Pedagogical University (Krakow, Poland).

    • (2015-2016)
      Stage Designer | Teatr Nowy, Bagatela (Krakow, Poland), Teatr Stary (Lublin, Poland).



    • (1st June)
      MA in Intermedia, Intermedia Department | Jan Matejko’s Academy of Fine Arts (Krakow, Poland).


    • (3rd June)
      Graduate in Intermedia, Intermedia Department | Jan Matejko’s Academy of Fine Arts (Krakow, Poland).

    Selected art work presentations:


    • (29th June – 26th August)
      Video and photographs Automatism and Interval within the 4th edition of BFSW festival | BWA Gallery (Bielsko-Biała, Poland).

    • (24-25th June)
      environment during international group exhibition Bad Twin Sister | Botanical Garden (Krakow, Poland).

    • (22nd June)
      curator of the exhibition entitled Distance, *&#%*, or we will all die | Dystans Gallery (Krakow, Poland).

    • (7-13th June)
      three days long programmed performance during the International Transart Communication Festival | (Budapest – Bratislava).

    • (1st June – 4th July)
      solo exhibition Unusual Everyday | Galeria Podlaska (Biała Podlaska, Poland).


    • (9th June)
      Curator of the exhibition The Distanced, within the Department of Art in the City Festival | Dystans Gallery (Krakow, Poland).

    • (25th May)
      Curator of the exhibition The Afterimages, within the Krakow Science and Art Festival | Gallery of the Faculty of Arts of the Pedagogical University (Krakow, Poland).

    • (20th May)
      Curator of the exhibition The Dynamic equilibrium, within the Photo Fringe Festival | basement of Żarówka Cafe (Krakow, Poland).

    • (31st March)
      Curator of the happening The Noose, which took place in the building of the Faculty of Arts of the Pedagogical University | (Krakow, Poland).

    • (10th February)
      Installation The time machine – a non–retrospective, within the One Night Flower exhibition | Cellar Gallery (Krakow, Poland).


    • (16th October)
      Performance Regression, within the Warsaw International Performance Art Weekend | Duży Pokój Gallery (Warsaw, Poland).

    • (8th October)
      Performance Harmonic prompting – composition for division, nation and revolution, within YAM performance days | Clovis XV Gallery (Brussels, Belgium).

    • (27th August – 17 September)
      Installation Oppositional dough, within the exhibition Why don’t You deal with politics? | Messier 42 Gallery (Krakow, Poland).

    • (5th July)
      Performative Environment Everything is ok, within the VI International Festival of Ephemeric Arts – Konteksty | (Sokołowsko, Poland).

    • (11th-12th June)
      Installation Endlessness within the Park of Art Festival | (Biała Podlaska, Poland).

    • (1st June)
      Performative Environment MA Kaczmar? MA thesis | Re Club (Krakow, Poland).

    • (29th April)
      Performative Environment The state of the matter | The New Theater (Krakow, Poland).

    • (15th April premiere)
      Video scenographies for the spectacle About dwarfs, geese and orphan Mary directed by Iwona Jera | Bagatela Theater (Krakow, Poland).

    • (2nd April)
      Performative Environment The Spectrum | The New Theater (Krakow, Poland).

    • (20th February)
      Performative Environment The fertile shiver of presence that pierces throughout the stage | The New Theater (Krakow, Poland).


    • (27th November)
      Scenographies, live video and visual identification for the show All bears love honey directed by Mikita Valadzko | The New Theater (Krakow, Poland).

    • (29th July)
      Solo and duo performances within the international student exhibition event the Cross point | Opcja Gallery (Krakow, Poland).

    • (22nd July)
      Performance Identity motion within the 5th International Festival of Ephemeral Art, the Contexts Festival | Sanatorium (Sokołowsko, Poland).

    • (26th June – 30 August)
      Installation Experiences of the honeydew consciousenss presented within the International Poetry in Visual Festival | Gallery of the Museum of Aveiro (Aveiro, Portugal).

    • (24th – 25th April)
      Performative Environment entitled In to out, within exhibition the Shining, as a part of the Krakers Festival | Cellar Gallery (Kraków, Poland).

    • (14th February)
      Installation Bed, within the Flaming Lips of Love group exhibition, entitled Who does who? | Cellar Gallery (Kraków, Poland).


    • (29th November 2014 – 04th January 2015)
      Intermedia installation Innocenty Liban, within the exhibition Liban | Galeria Sztuki Najnowszej in City Center of Art (Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland).

    • (27th June – 24th August)
      Installation The Tramp of the speeding rooms, within the 3rd Bielsko-Biała Festival of Visual Arts | BWA Gallery (Bielsko-Biała, Poland).

    • (8th June)
      Video Restart, within the REST-ART-WORK project | Old hall of Cracow power plant (Kraków, Poland).

    • (7th – 31st May)
      Intermedia installation Unconscious moments of being inside of what’s external, within the 5th edition of Š.U.N.D. International Art Festival | Fábrica Braço de Prata (Lisbon, Portugal).

    • (11th – 15th April)
      Orientation – hoovering and descending, within the Correspondences and Interventions project | MOS (Małopolski Ogród Sztuki) (Kraków, Poland).

    • (4th – 6th April)
      Intermedia installation Faust, within Krakers Festival | Cellar Gallery (Kraków, Poland).

    • (1st – 31st March)
      Installation Thirst of the past time | Ars Nova Gallery (Bielsko-Biała, Poland).


    • (7th September)
      Installation and happening Family House, within Candal Arts Festival | (Candal, Portugal).

    • (5th – 20th September)
      Installation Unconscious moments of being inside of what’s external, within the european intercultural Dimensiones Seis collective exhibition | Instituto Cervantes (Warsaw, Poland).

    • (14th June – 7th July)
      Intallation Błędowska Desert, within the Pustynia exhibition | BWA Gallery (Olkusz, Poland).

    • (7th – 16th March)
      Solo exhibition Experiences of the Honeydew Consciousness | Pickpocket Gallery (Lisbon, Portugal).


    • (1st September)
      Video installation Heavy Metal Fly, within Festa da Música | (Candal, Portugal).

    • (3rd – 17th June)
      Installation The Tramp of the Speeding Rooms, within the Intermedia Department PHD diploma presentation | Gallery of Contemporary Art Bunkier Sztuki (Kraków, Poland).


    • (4th December)
      Sad London’s New Year’s Eve with eyes closed, Within the Bank of England and Nod You, London, within the Correspondences and Interventions project presentation | Kingston University (London, UK).

    • (24th September)
      Performance Lecture to the Boarder, within the Global Comunication Festival | Contemporary Art Center The Power Plant (Radom, Poland).

    • (26th, 27th August)
      Performance The Depth, within PAS final presentation | Grimmuseum (Berlin, Germany).

    • (21st March)
      Video White Water I, within the annual River Project | BWA Gallery (Bielsko-Biała, Poland).


    • (13th May)
      Performance With Greetings from Poland, within the PAS final presentation | Interakcje Festival (Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland).



  • 2014:

  • 2013:

    Scholarships and awards:


    • Award in the 6th nationwide photography competition, Portrait 2017.


    • Scholarship holder of Nowy Kraków – promotional scholarship for young artists in the field of theatre and performance art, run by The New Theater | (Kraków, Poland).


    • Chancellor’s Scholarship for the best students of the Jan Matejko’s Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. | (Kraków, Poland).


    • Scholarship holder in the field of culture and art | (Bielsko-Biała, Poland).

    Group projects:


    • (Feburary – March)
      Conducting and organizing exhibition-project Machine for disappearing | Cellar Gallery (Kraków, Poland).

    • (30th March – 13th April)
      Participant of the international project Correspondences and Interventions | (Kraków, Poland).


    • Member of artistic group KEX, presented his works in two issues of KEX-MAG magazine | (Bielsko-Biała, Kraków, Poland).


    • (20th November – 4th December)
      Participant of the international project Correspondences and Interventions | (London, UK).

    Conferences, panels


    • (3rd August)
      Artists of the region and their attitude towards reality, participant of the discussion panel | BWA Gallery (Bielsko-Biała, Poland).

    • (19-20 czerwiec)
      participant of the Digital Archives of Małopolska region: artificial intelligence and augmented reality conference | Bunkier Sztuki Gallery (Krakow, Poland).



    • (29th June – 18th August)
      Experiment’Arte artist-in-residency | (Candal, Portugal).



    • (18th – 22nd July)
      Participant of the Contexts 2015 workshops with Alastair MacLennan, Caroline Bagnall and Mieczysław Litwiński | (Sokołowsko, Poland).


    • (17th – 29th August)
      Participant of PAS – Performance Art Studies # 20 | IN CONTEXT | Grimmuseum (Berlin, Germany).

    • (1st – 9th June)
      Participant of Aesthetics and Bias workshop by Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków | (Kraków, Ojców, Wieliczka and Oświęcim, Poland).


    • (6th – 15th May)
      Participant of PAS – Performance Art Studies # 19 | Intensified Dialogues | (Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland).