Plakat VI Międzynarodowego Festiwalu Sztuki Efemerycznej Konteksty
Poster of the VI International Festival of Ephemeral Arts The Contexts

Everything is ok is a Performative Environment that undertakes the issue of refugees and identity of migrating human, forced to adjust to requirements of new and unfamiliar conditions. The subject of the VI edition of the Contexts Festival was emigration.
Participants, lured by breads to come to the tables, were labeled with symbols and locked down in similarly marked camps, they had no right to escape. Each attempt failed, and everyone who tried to run away was captured. Everything is ok – was an informational message, that they read from the sheets of paper which fell into camps. Seven seconds loop of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, played from the megaphone, was an accompaniment to all that was happening.
This action was executed on the 5th of July 2016, within the International Festival of Ephemeral Arts The Contexts (Sokołowsko, Poland).