Krzysztof Kaczmar, plakat Środowisko Performatywne 1

„The Performative Environment – the fertile shiver of presence that pierces throughout the stage”, is an experimental project that aims to explore the physical and metaphysical properties of spaces and use them to make contact with the audience. Installation art is the center of event as a type of symbolic totem. Simultaneously is a subject, a target and a tool that can influence happenings around it. Performative environment seeks the harmony – the natural relation, between action and space, which is a natural result of human need of expression, and not a product of any cultural conventions. It is a laboratory of relationships between participants, author and the space of the project.
The action realized within the “Nowy Kraków” scholarship, held by the New Theater in Krakow.
“The fertile shiver of presence that pierces throughout the stage” was first in the series of three performative environments, realized in the New Theater. It took place on the 20th of February 2016 r.



The text in the video:

Krzysztof Kaczmar, fotel, Środowisko Performatywne

Sixty-nine suggestive, reflexive verbs, hand written on paper, were placed on the auditorium’s seats, along with pair of foil gloves:
fulfill me, – tire me, – sell me,– stay with me,– concern me,– make me happy,– settle me,– happen to me, – twilight in me, – lighten me, – make me, – improve me, – prove me, – be me, – fit me, – complicate me, – temper me, – don’t be me, – wake me up, – plant me, – warm me, – prepare me, – whisper to me, – recognize me, – confuse me, – publicize me, – create me, – tire me, – rule me, – take over me, – host me, – play me, – cool me, – strengthen me, – interest me, – take me, – revive me, – destroy me, – redeem me, – nourish me, – finish me, – close me, – smell me, – express me, – diffuse me, – experience me, – unfold me, – kill me, – touch me, – achieve me, – figure me, – judge me, – accomplish me, – hurt me, – name me, – meet me, – get me drunk, – satisfy me, – foster me, – list me, – relieve me, – dazzle me, – seduce me, – open me, – concern me, – hear me, – taste me.