This desert emerged as a result of cutting down trees, for the silver and lead smelters in Olkusz. As a consequence dense forest became harsh, plain desert. Today, after many years of such emptyness, it slowly grows back to its natural form.
When I realized this work, both spheres: natural and synthetic, permeate each other, creating an unique hybrid.

Krzysztof Kaczmar, Błędów Desert, installation, counting time for the desert (licząc czas dla pustyni)

  • Amazing reality in the unreal space

I constructed a sundial, counting time for its dramatically changing surroundings. Its job was to count the remaining time for this slowly disappearing phenomenon.
Dead trunk of a tree was my gnomon, casting the shadow on to the 7 hour-holes excavated around in the ground. Inside of those holes I installed aluminum plates, which were jingling every time they were hit by sand grains, blown to inside by the wind. In the center of sundial space, by the bole, I constructed a small bench to sit on, located over a small, young bush. The location of this installation was by the desert boarder with the forest.
I spent a lot of time sitting there, facing Błędów’s sands, having rustling trees behind my back, smelling heated plant from below and hearing the sound of wind carrying millions of sand grains into the holes. Side specific composition of experiences being arranged together, may reveal new qualities and aspects of the space.

Krzysztof Kaczmar, Błędów Desert, installation visualisation (wizualizacja instalacji)

Above view

Krzysztof Kaczmar, Błędów Desert, installation, visualisation (wizualizacja instalacji)

Video documentation