Video component of the installation.

  • The character of Innocenty Liban

Fictional character of Innocenty Liban was created to press charges against his own morality. He is a beeing fished out from meanders of linguistics and ethics, combining in his own self features of “rectitude and innocence” with guilt.
He is a man put to the test of life – which cast doubt on his own freedom.


Sądy widzów na temat Innocentego Libana zapisane na kartkach.
Audiences judgements on Innocenty Liban written on little sheets of paper.
  • Quotes presented as an integral part of the installation:
  • “… – the sum of the distinguishing phenomena of organisms, especially metabolism, growth, reproduction, and adaptation to environment.”

  • “… – the power to determine action without restraint.”

  • “… – an individual […] especially with reference to his or her social relationships and behavioral patterns as conditioned by the culture.”

  • English Dictionary on-line


    • Project Liban description

    Szymon Andrzej Nowak – poster of the exhibition (plakat wystawy)
    Szymon Andrzej Nowak – poster of the exhibition .

    Intermedia installation Innocenty Liban has been created within the artistic project Liban, which was based on the subject of Krakow quarry, and which gave name to the exhibition. Complex history of this area – from Jewish businessmen Liban and Ehrenpreis quarry enterprise, through German labor camp and movie set (“Schindler’s list” by Steven Spielberg) to recreation space – became an inspiration for nine artists participating in this project.
    This work has been presented in Galeria Sztuki Najnowszej in City Center of Art in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland, lasting from 29th of November of 2014 to 04th January of 2015; and in Opcja Gallery in Krakow, from 16th to 30th of October of 2014.