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Krzysztof Kaczmar, Thirst of the past time, installation documentation (dokumentacja instalacji)

This installation has been created in order to be presented in Ars Nova artistic creation presentational glass-case in Bielsko-Biała (Poland)

Thirst for the time sealed in silence of the past. Fragile memories of bygone importances, hymn in honor of fallen kingdoms.
This work was inspired by the poem by Henryk Biłka entitled w Zawoi (In Zawoja).
This window installation consisted of mirror mosaic, text – written on the light piece of foil, which was covered with a thin layer of crumbly wax – and carnation flower attached to seconds clock hand, which – delicately illuminated with a delicate bulb light – was constantly turning and withering slowly.

Krzysztof Kaczmar, Thirst of the past time, carnation flower


  • Author’s text

Silent moment moisturised with breath (lyrical text being part of installation).

In the darkness of the match box interior, I recognize myself – standing in between of sulfur and charring.
The time have imprisoned me there. Have locked me down among all of my moments.
I observe how another of them is burning, rubbed against rough surface of the time.
If only to preserve inflammable polychrome of myself from the affect of burning sun of passing days…
– moments become moist from the breath that is conscious of its transience –
momentarily stopped time has started once more.