Video component of the installation.


Instalacja w przestrzeni Instytutu Cervantesa
Instalacja w przestrzeni Instytutu Cervantesa.

The subject of this work is a human perceiving his closest surrounding. Using his sensory system in a process of cognition, the author and participant of everyday events dives into their depths. He triggers his self-awareness through the reflections of the world.
Perspective point is personal and dynamic. Constantly perceiving individual always stands in the center of his world as an observer and reviewer. In his uninterrupted process of movement, he is constantly changing his perspective, which is not imposed by the world, but it is his own one. Is being constructed in his eyes according to parallels and meridians integrated in him.
We are like prisms through which falls the light of the world, that we diffract into observations, thoughts and emotions – beams of multicolored feelings.


Krzysztof Kaczmar, Chwile podświadomego przebyewania w tym co poza nami, dokumentacja 4


  • Text

stolen moments of the past
reflected in the environment.
Blade of reality,
bloodlessly stuck into humans inner self
with taste, smell, sound, image and touch.
Luminous drops of a soul substance,
a mirror surface
which searches through the world
for the reflection of its depth.

A mirror,
frozen nostalgia,
glassy moment valued
with reflections of reality.
An object for specific viewing
through an image of something else.”

Krzysztof Kaczmar

Krzysztof Kaczmar, Chwile podświadomego przebyewania w tym co poza nami, dokumentacja 2

  • Active role of spectators:

Audience could use a photo camera, according to the following instructions:

Krzysztof Kaczmar, Chwile podświadomego przebyewania w tym co poza nami, dokumentacja 3

Observation is a form of participation. Find its representation in my work. Enjoy it and experiment; spin and tilt fragmented reflections of this exhibition. Interfere in authors diversities and variety of their works, in the act of illustrating your intervention.
Photograph your composition from any point in this room. Write down on this form sheet the number of your picture, along with your e-mail address.
We will send you the documentation of Your work.


Executing this work was possible thanks to the support of Experiment’Arte Cultural Association

HIC ET NUNC exhibition poster (plakat HIC ET NUNC)
HIC ET NUNC exhibition poster.

This installation has been made for the purposes of collective exhibition HIC ET NUNC (Here and now) of the European intercultural project Six Dimensions, at the headquarters of Cervantes Institute in Warsaw.
In June of 2013, three Spanish artists have come to Warsaw in order to create a series of works, inspired by their first encounter with the Polish capital. Six Dimensions was established to constitute space for a dialog between newcomer and local artists.