Video documentation, which presents how does it work, and what kind of image it produces.


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I built an optical contraption, sort of immobile perception prosthesis of subjective real-time. Digital and analog images appearing simultaneously on focusing screen of Sniper’s obscura are not results of post-production montage.
The procces of combining digital and analog images into visual conglomerates, aimed to show differences between looking and seeing.
Projection was composed of white light passing through the fixed focus lens, and light of multimedia projector – placed frontally to the focusing screen. Digital part of that projection was the live transmission from the video camera, which viewers could freely us. Users, dynamically and selectively screening the space around Snipers obscura were individualizing the object of the projection by.

Both image sources portrayed the same area, however each of them gave different possibilities resulting from their characteristics.

© Krzysztof Kaczmar

Fixed focus lens, projector lens and the focusing sreen.

© Krzysztof Kaczmar