woodcut poster of the exhibition (drzeworytniczy plakat wystawy)
Woodcut poster of the exhibition.

Experiences of the honeydew consciousness is an intermedia installation composed by one text, three photographs, one video, sound composition and organic elements.
In presented works I assume the role of the observer of nature in a wider laboratorium of reality. Slicing the consciousness into layers of organicity and exploring the interaction of nature with the human being.
Using different mediums I evoke, to the exhibition space, the awakeness of various senses in the audience, in order to create a dimensional felling. The presented works become active productions in themselves, constantly affecting and being affected by the interpretations of the audience.
I invited the musician Ricardo Ribeiro to collaborate with me, and compose a sound piece based on experiences of this cycle. This combination established a synesthetic dialog, where music evokes image and visuality kindles sound experiences.


Video documentation of the exhibition.


Experiences of the honeydew consciousness cycle works:

  • Part of video loop with Ricardo Ribeiros music, 2012


  • Text 2012
Krzysztof Kaczmar, experiences of the honeydew consciousness, transformed space (transformowana przestrzeń)

“Wind, the invisible nomad, mute troubadour of a precious and mysterious song. With plant pollens, raindrops, fragrances of flowers, the nature‘s messenger announces with an appropriate distance: I am everything and nothing!

If only I could be able to distinguish myself within the full extent of the world. To hide under the protection of Nature, covering my back with tree bark like a feathery comforter. To discover myself under that protection… through my sensibility being able to assemble with the world.”

Krzysztof Kaczmar


  • Black and white photographs 2011


Projection room (pomieszczenie projekcyjne).
Projection room.

March the 14th. Audience gathered in narrow, dark projection room. Everybody were standing close to each other, situated beetwen displayed video, and a musician. Ricardo Ribeiro improvised a musical interpretation of my exhibited works, evoking unusual, metaphysical dialog.

Music interpretation by Ricardo Ribeiro improvised live.



Useful information:

Ricardo Ribeiro (Angola, 1979) is a lector and clarinetist, lives and works currently in Lisbon (Portugal). Began his musical training at the age of ten having passed by the Academy of Music Amateurs and the school Hot Clube de Portugal.
From the real-time improvisation has served various artistic fields: from dance, to cinema, video, theater and new circus. Participates in various projects such as Tiago Sousa Trio, Bande à Part, Monogatari 5eto and João Berhan.


Pickpocket Gallery: Calçada dos Cesteiros 4b (Bica do Sapato | Santa Apolónia) 1100 Lizbon |Portugal.


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