Krzysztof Kaczmar, Łóżko, Instalacja 2015, dokumentacja 1
Krzysztof Kaczmar, Łóżko, Instalacja 2015, dokumentacja 3


Krzysztof Kaczmar, Bed (Łóżko), Instalacja 2015, dokumentacja 4Krzysztof Kaczmar, Bed (Łóżko), Instalacja 2015, dokumentacja 3

Exhibition entitled Who does who by Flaming Lips of Love art group, took place on the 14th of February (Valentines Day). Presented works created in specific conditions of Cellar Gallery, undertook the delicate subject of that day.
Using the bricks, which I dug out from the underground threshing floor, I built The Bed. Above it I hung a tool that served me to do this. The bricks and the levitating „disco shovel”, resphearing [1] on that day, became the basement ambassadors of love. A rough mass, encouraged to perversely(?) bear witness to something, to what is clueless.

[1] Resphearing
 – process of creating new spatial situations, through the conscious connection and translocation of components of different contexts of reality, which influence each other, resulting in conglomerate with new, characteristic values.


Exhibition promotional video.

Występ muzyczny Michała Pacułta.
Music performance by Michał Pacułt.

Who does who is the third exhibition realised by the Flaming Lips of Love art group. In the beginning of February of 2014, group forming process was advancing simultaneously as work on their first common project entitled „Machine for Disappearing”, which was presented twice that year. Their artistic statements contained in group side-specific works, present their specific divercity, expressed by various means.
Who does who is an exhibition, which represents spectrum of different roles acted by the 14th day of February. Six points of view on the subject, which can be interesting to anyone who is involved in exploration of various interpersonal relations, with or without candlelight.
This exhibition is also first anniversary of establishment of the group.
Who does who – exhibition by Flaming Lips of Love art group, which lasted for the night of 14th of Febuary of 2015 in Cellar Gallery, Wielopole st. 12, Krakow, Poland.
Members of the group are: Patrícia Corrêa, Michał Hyjek, Krzysztof Kaczmar, Małgorzata Łuczyna, Szymon Andrzej Nowak and Jacek Złoczowski.


Poster promoting the event by Gosia Łuczyna (plakat promujący wydarzenie autorstwa Gosi Łuczyny)
Poster of the exhibition by Gosia Łuczyna.