Krzysztof Kaczmar, The tramp of the speeding rooms, street (Tętent mknących pokoi, ulica)

I was raised by the small, destroyed street in one of neighborhoods in Bielsko-Biała. There is my Home. There live people I know… but do I really know them?
In The Tramp of the speeding rooms I undertook quest for my neighbors. I found myself between the houses. In my journey through the road – street aorta – I observed how wind was moving stone knights on the roadway chessboard, singing stories of residents with its volatile ashes.

The Tramp of the speeding rooms. Rhythmical sound of an energetic tramp, coming out from a motionless area of a human life.
I conducted several different social actions to restore lost, mutual connections with my neighbors, and to better understand them and their concept of time, transience and identity.


Works within the Tramp of the speeding rooms cycle:


  • Petition
Krzysztof Kaczmar, Tramp of the speeding rooms, neighbors signatures (podpisy sąsiedzkie)

I started with writing the petition to the City Road Department, in order to repair a surface of our road. Traveling from one house to another I collected signatures of my neighbors, for the first time crossing the door sills of their houses. We scheduled our next meeting.


  • Neighbors obscura

I took a photograph of each family in the interiors of their houses using Camera Obscura. During very long process of exposure (from 15 to 30 minutes) I was initiating conversations about their lives, symbolic meaning of the street, and histories of their arrival to the neighborhood.

Neighbors inside of their apartments.


  • Mnemonic drawing

Krzysztof Kaczmar, Tramp of the speeding rooms, mnemonic drawing process (proces rysowania pamięciowego)

I asked my neighbors to sketch interiors of their rooms where they have been previously photographed. I put a curtain hat on their heads to separate their eyes from the drawn surroundings, so that they would draw it from their memory. I gave them the following instructions:


Neighbors mnemonic drawings.

“Portray part of the room behind your back from your current perspective. Focus to include every detail, object or element you remember. Unable to recall the appearance of certain parts of this space, leave it unspecified, undefined. Show this place from your memory. Draw what remained of it in you.”


  • Neighbors work assisatance

I offered my disinterest assistance in work to each family.

Krzysztof Kaczmar, Tramp of the speeding rooms, neighbor work (praca sąsiedzka)

  • Text

I presented a text to every neighbor. After reading we shared our observations with each other:

>”We are in here
To be here… to sit and read – we have stopped for a moment processes of implementation of our life plans.
In this motionless state we are forced to skip activities that we could be doing just now.
Let this incident not last… not spread.
To be registered in a landscape of the word that is reduced to the shape of the room, where the trees, the birds, the sky and grass, visible from behind the window, are only illusory game of colored lights without depth.
In silence we assist the course of time.
Now – just like the time – we do not affect the environment in a manner visible to the naked eye.
Being only a segment of time and place, we breathe illusion of eternal being.
Home, Life, Family, Life, Time, Life, Home, Family, Time, Life, Family, Time, Life, Home, Life, Time, Family, Home, Life, Time, Home, Life, Home, Family, Life, Time, Life, Home, Life, Time, Life, Home, Life, Time, Life, Family, Time, Life, Home, Life, Time, Life, Home, Life, Home, Family, Life, Life, Time, Life.
On our request, places form and wait, as if they were holding breath.
We are still here. Weariness as a result of immobility… too quick life as a result of forgetfulness”

Krzysztof Kaczmar

  • Cleaning the street

As the last activity I tried to collect all gravel, sand, stones and other street migrating materials that was covering surface of the road.
Constantly blowing wind brought more new particles, which accumulated on both sides of the street by the neighbors fences.

Krzysztof Kaczmar, Tramp of the speeding rooms, sweeping the street (zamiatanie ulicy)