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“Totem – Set of beliefs and socio-religious institutions, based on the recognition of the mystical bond between the individual human or social group (related to a common origin) and a specific animal (or plant, a row object), totem.”


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A small forest near my house in Poland is being regularly cluttered by its local neighbours. Trash income is much greater that its vanishing. Many trees have been cut down recently, as a result, it is slowly losing its forest’s element.
In my activity I created stinky totems, made of human waste. Each one was created in different place, where I observed the highest level of clutter.
Totems consisted of a wooden cord (trunk), on which I installed the rest of the construction: tires, plastic elements, clothes, bottles etc.
By rearranging configuration of garbage, and changing their composition from horizontal into vertical, I made them visible. Without camouflage the quantity of garbage visually increased, realizing the size of the problem.