Please watch with headphones or good stereo.


Video deals with issue of memory as a closed collection of images. Memories fragmentarily recalled from the observations of the outside world and connotation with it. Entirely illusive satisfaction resulting in apparent understanding of the Matter.
Aims to reveal hidden potential of values of separate layers of the reality.
This video is the first sketch realisation in the Tramp of the speeding rooms cycle.


  • Text on the shirt (video):

Krzysztof Kaczmar, Tramp of the speeding rooms, video, lyrical shirt (liryczna koszula)

Knowledge comes from discovering the unseen layers of reality. Exploration of unknown is the key to understand the invisible. Reach there, where eyes can not reach. Evaluate reality and reach its core – start your research from the place where is nothing to be found. The most important is invisible to the eye. Manner in which we perceive reality, should not be our ultimate answer to the question about its essence. Inefficiency of our sight cause the image of reality to be a contractual matter. If two persons are looking at one object, can they see it the same way? The most important in cognitive process are active actions. The image of reality is a collection of different, subjective observations. Our attitudes to anything depend mainly on our first impression. Boundlessly trusting in our fallible human eyes, which we do not dare to question.